How to Taste Craft Beer

This video was done by Julia Herz, director of the Brewers Association Craft Beer Program. In this video, Tips on Tasting Craft Beer, helps you get the most out our your experience.  Enjoy!

What is Craft Beer?

While many beer lovers and  brewers may have their own definition of Craft Beer, the Brewers Association does define the American Craft Brewer as Small, Independent & Traditional.  Small refers to the annual production of the brew.  In this case annual production is less than six million barrels which is approximately 3% of annual sales in the United States.   Independent means that less than 25% of the Brewery is by a beverage alcohol industry member that is not itself a craft brewer.  Last, but not least, Traditional is a brewer means that the majority of their beer flavors is derived from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation.

Craft Beer Exploding in Popularity

Growth-Small_HRCraft Beer brewers saw an 18% rise in volume compared to only 0.5% for the total beer market in 2014 according to the Annual Growth Figures for Small and Independent Brewers released in March 2015 by the Brewers Association.  More importantly the steady growth reported indicates that there is a major shift happening in the American beer culture.

Celery City Craft is brings Popular New Craft Beer Culture to Sanford Florida!

The neighborhood style Bistro boast 50+ Brews on Tap and 100+ to choose from with our combined tap and bottle collection.  Visitors can view our updated Craft Beer Menu and Bistro Food Menu online.  Small and Independent Brewers are committed to connecting with local beer lover while continuing to create excitement and growing the craft beer culture.

Celery City Craft is Seminole Counties premier Craft Beer Taproom and continues to work with an every growing list of Brewers to bring you the best promotions, flavors, events and information the industry has to offer.  We host an annual Pints n’ Paws Craft Beer Festival with proceeds going to two local animal charities, Dolly’s Foundation and Pet Rescue by Judy.  2015 will be our 4th Annual event which has grown in popularity every year. In 2015 alone the number of Breweries in more than doubled to over 80 in attendance.  Visit www.PintsandPaws.com to purchase tickets and get complete details. Check our our Facebook Events page and invite your friends to join you for this or any of our ongoing events.

We’re excited to be part of the downtown Sanford community and invite you to drop by anytime, we’re open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Pints n Paws Craft Beer Festival

Pints n' Paws Craft Beer Festival, March 28 2015Celery City Craft and West End Trading believe in supporting the local community and charity. Together we sponsor a number of events that help support the local community, area businesses and non-profits. The Annual Pints n’ Paws Craft Beer Festival is a perfect example of this. On March 28, 2015 we will be celebrating the 4th Annual Pints n’ Paws Craft Beer Festival.  Proceeds from the event will benefit Dolly’s Foundation and Pet Rescue by Judy.


Thursdays … It’s Tournament Night!

Actually it is Double-Hitter with Shuffleboard & Steel the Glass!

shuffleboard-tournamentsThursday is a great day to start celebrating the weekend and show off your Shuffleboard skills.  Entry in the Shuffleboard Tournament is FREE with sign-ups starting at 7:00pm. We’ll blind draw for partners and play till we have our winners.  First Place gets $60 worth of prizes and $30 for for 2nd Place. Come by early start with our Hoppy Hour Specials or enjoy something from our Bistro Menu … and build a great collection with our Steel the Glass promo!


Tuesday is BINGO Nite!

BEER & B-I-N-G-O … are you feeling lucky?

Beer and Bingo at Celery City every Tuesday Night.Bingo night is very popular at Celery City Craft in downtown Sanford Florida!  So much so we’ve made it part of our Tuesday night activities. Come and enjoy some fine Craft Beer … in fact come in time to Celebrate Hoppy Hour and Play BINGO.  It’s FREE to Play and there are always lots of prizes to win.   So come on out, bring a friend, and have a great time at our friendly neighborhood Bistro.  What more could you want than Beer & BINGO?


Monday-Friday it’s HOPPY Hour!

Celebrate Hops and Florida Craft Beers!

Hoppy Hour Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm at Celery City Craft, Sanford FL

Join us on weekdays, Monday - Friday 3:00-7:00 pm, and taste a wide selection of Florida Craft Beers for only $3/draft!  This is a great way to try out the great selection of Craft Beers brewed right here in Florida while having fun in our neighborhood Bistro environment. Check our our online Craft Beer Menu for a complete list of all 50+ Brews on Tap.